“Alpha Cop aim for the epic, with irascible violin and restless drums creating an uneasy sort of dream state.”

Grayson Haver Currin - Indy Week


“Alpha Cop are, well … I'll not beat around any bushes: Alpha Cop are really quite incredible. Hoovering up influences as disparate as twinkling emo, folksy indie, pounding post-rock, groove-laden sludge and progressive metal and combining them to make something unexpectedly incredible. [B]y turns towering, gigantic, intimate and tender. ["The Low Flags"'] sections are... so carefully woven together that it all bleeds into one wonderful whole; a cohesive, densely layered (whisper it) masterpiece.”

Tight To The Nail


““The Low Flags” ...quickly shifts gears with a quiet transition, gains intensity with a swell of layered guitars, blows off steam with some Hoover-esque post-hardcore, then settles into its graceful, violin-accompanied outro. Those last two minutes are superb, but “The Low Flags” wouldn’t have the same resonance without the build-and-release of its first half.”

New Artillery


“...Alpha Cop’s two songs here offer a tantalizing array of directions that a full-length could take with their sound—plaintive emo, cathartic post-hardcore, textural drones, saxophone-and-violin-accompanied post-rock—and, more importantly, the capacity to properly integrate these styles.”

New Artillery


“Weirdo art/space "rock" for shutins”

Triangle Rock


“The hallmark of This One’s For Luck is the throbbing, roiling presence of its guitars. These riffs are monstrous. They reverberate, they slow, they grind to a halt, and...roar back to life again.”

Linnie Greene - The Daily Tarheel


“Alpha Cop is nothing if not ambitious... [A] post-rock salvo packed with saxophone, violin and sounds mined from an iPhone. Sweeping guitars and explosive crescendos go along with those far-flung tools.”

Jordan Lawrence - Indy Week


“Alpha Cop is like low-fi pop and then again it isn't. It's oddly disorienting as it switches gears often, moving between the cold emptiness of drone and this bold attempt at merging indie rock into thrash rock and while standing knee deep in basement aesthetics. It's an interesting notion that Alpha Cop has. They set about taking in rogue rock, left cold and hungry from wandering the streets at night, before carefully performing surgery on it's cords. All of that is so that they can disassemble and then reassemble the oddity that sits before them into something that more closely looks the part of a rock band.”

Andy - Heavy Metal Time Machine


“The men & women of Alpha Cop attack their chosen task -- making weirdo eclectic garage-prog/postpunk/artrock -- with a delightful combination of seriousness & unpretentiousness.”

Triangle Rock


"[The] Low Flags" is a blast of virtuosity bolstered by a mastery of sonic progression. It begins with angular guitar strokes tickled by finger picking, a syncopated drum pattern, and a yearning voice before descending into a heavier attack of guitar chords.

J. Reyes - Delayed Graffitification


“This One’s for Luck hints at a band with intensity, promise and the electric pulse of a natural phenomenon.”

Linnie Greene - The Daily Tarheel


“Alpha Cop’s The Low Flags veers wildly between plaintive campfire shouting, growling metal chords, a long ever-mutating, rhythmic drone, and chiming instrumental indie-rock. Sprawling doesn’t come close to doing this coruscating slab of experimental rock justice.”

The Mad Mackeral (UK)


“Alpha Cop blends psychedelic rock with progressive math vibes to create a wholly unique and interesting sound.”

Adam Kincaid - WKNC Blog



Low flags


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